A home inspection can be your most valuable asset when buying or selling a home.  We will take a very close look at all installed systems and components designated in the NC Standards of Practice Including:

Roof, Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, Built-in Appliances, Interior, Exterior, HVAC and more!

Home Inspections

Many homes in this area use wells as a primary water source.  Sometimes bacteria and other contaminates can enter the system.  Let us test for E.Coli and Total Coliform Bacteria to help keep your family safe.  We also offer Lead, Iron, Copper, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH, Calcium, Magnesium, and Hardness upon request.     

Water Testing

We now offer Indoor Air Quality Testing.  Our basic test covers mold and allergens.  We also offer Lead, Asbestos, VOCs, and Formaldehyde upon request.

Indoor Air Quality

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.  The Surgeon General recommends that all homes be tested.  Radon gas is very prevalent here in the High Country.  Let us give you peace of mind with a quick and accurate Radon test.

Radon Testing

With FAA Certified Drone Pilots, we can take stunning photos and videos of your new property.  Let us elevate your vision. 

Aerial Photography

Winter in the high country can get COLD!  Let us help protect your investment from water and plumbing damaged.  We offer full winterizing services which includes: Draining all plumbing lines and appliances, blowing out lines with compressed air, turning off all water using appliances, pouring anti-freeze in all traps and toilets. setting thermostats to 55 degrees.


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